How Solar Panels Work and What They Cost

Alternative Energy

Basically, the solar panel is a device used to generate energy. Energy that doesn’t require raw materials and, even better, it’s free and renewable.

Going into further details, solar panels are means of capturing and using solar energy. There are two big types of solar panels:

  • Solar panels used for heating
  • Solar panels which use photovoltaic (PV) cells for producing electricity

Solar Panels Used For Heating

These types of solar panels are used for warming the water or the house. Their working process, very much simplified, is the following: the panels capture solar heat and transfer it with the help of tubes to a water flow.

So, the water is heated and can be used or stocked for later use. These systems are recommended in places where there are no other means of heating available because they don’t require electricity, they are ecological but also pretty expensive. They can only be used in the summer time when the temperature is way above the freezing point of the water.

Solar Panels Used To Create Electricity

The solar panels from this category are really interesting because they create free electricity. At the core of this amazing system lies the photovoltaic cell which, in contact with the sun beams, produces electricity.
To go into further details, we would need a pretty advanced chemistry knowledge: the photons from the sun beams “bombard” the atoms of the materials of which the photovoltaic cell is made of. Under this action, the atoms tend to be free and thus electricity is created.

Photovoltaic (PV) cells are grouped into arrays that will later compose the solar panels.

Solar panels are pretty expensive but that’s because they are made of high quality materials. Your average solar panel system consists of many different parts but they can be narrowed down to a few main components. Solar panels use photovoltaic cells to absorb the suns light in order to store the electrons away in a battery. The cost of these systems varies greatly according to what kind of set up you are buying. If you are getting a system designed to power your whole house, the cost can be thousands of dollars. However, smaller set ups are good to offset your electricity bill and cost much less. You can expect to pay around one thousand dollars for a smaller system.

However, if you total how much energy you use in a year, you’ll find that even the higher priced units will pay for themselves within a few years. You’ll experience the cost savings immediately and the more sun your solar panels get, the more energy you’ll produce. The sun has made it a possibility to generate an unlimited amount of energy. It’s truly a fantastic technology that is worthy of your time and effort to install.

Although solar panels aren’t cheap, they are highly effective. They can power everything in your home or business and you may even find yourself finding many more uses for electricity. You can convert your entire home or business into running on electrical power. It can be done, it just takes the initial effort on your part.

Hundreds of thousands of homes around the world are now running on solar energy. And, what’s more, the technology involved with the solar panels is always changing into more efficient systems of panels. That means that you get more bang for your buck and will enjoy the effectiveness of your panels for a longer time. They have a really long life span and have some serious power output.

If you’re ready to make the jump into solar energy, you should contact some professionals who know how to install them. Not only can they give you a price quote but they will be able to tell you more about solar panel systems and the average power output of the systems they install.

There has never been a better time to convert to solar energy. It just makes sense. So, both financially and logically, you can expect to get the very best performance out of your solar panel system for the long haul. There are lots of different systems to choose from, so get calculating on what your power needs are so you can choose the right one.