Trying to live an eco-friendly life

Green Living

Living an eco-friendly life is very important to me, but it can be difficult at times. I try to do little things to make sure that I’m treating the world right. Here are some of the things I do.


I don’t own a car. This is mostly because I have the luxury of living in a city. I can take public transportation, ride my bike, or even walk when my destination is not too far. Not only is this a great way to help the planet, but it’s also fun too.

I love taking public transportation because it means I am able to get so much more reading done. Sometimes I’ll read more than 2 books a week because of all the time I spend on trains. It’s great.

Donate and Buy Used

Several times a year, I will sit down and go through all my clothing. I donate anything that is still in great condition. I also pass down stuff to family and friends. This is a fun and easy way to not be wasteful with clothing.

Thrifting and buying clothes at various resale shops is one of my favorite ways to grow my wardrobe. You’d be surprised at some of the amazing things you can find. It’s inexpensive, and you’re helping to put old clothes to good use.

Use Canvas Bags

I have a vast assortment of tote bags that I bring with me whenever I go shopping. This has ended my growing collection of plastic bags from grocery stores. I even use these bags when I go clothing shopping.

There really isn’t any need for me to get a new bag with every little thing I buy. Getting canvas bags has been one of the simplest and best changes I have made in my life recently.

Go Paperless

I’ve canceled pretty much any bill or service that was sending me a mail. I now do all of my paper errands electronically. The most painful thing I have chosen to do is stop using paper altogether.

Many of my friends know me as someone who absolutely adores notebooks and stationary, but I’ve given all of that up and I have switched entirely to Evernote for all of the things I used to do in notebooks. It’s a great little app and it’s a perfect way to cut down on all of your paper waste.


We all have bad habits. Some of us may suffer from more than others. Some of us have habits that are dangerous while others are just annoying. Getting rid of those bad habits is the part that’s difficult. Even when you’re aware of what all the things you shouldn’t be doing are, simply stopping isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Once you’ve acknowledged that you may have a bad habit, you’ve reached the first step to breaking it. No matter what the habit is, there’s a way to stop. Here are some of the things I’ve found worked for me.

1. Become aware of your habit

You know that you have a habit that you shouldn’t be doing, but it’s also important to figure out when and why you do it. When you have a better understanding of the thing you do, and why, it’ll become easier to stop.

2. Study and log your habit

This is another way to build awareness and fully understand your habit. Over the course of a few days, keep a log of all the times you engage in the habit. Write about the things that you are feeling when you do it and try to analyze what may have triggered the behavior.

It even helps to do the most basic thing like write a pros and cons list for your habit and examine all the ways that what you’re doing is good or bad.

3. Replace your habit

Now that you have a better understanding of the habit, you’ll be able to find some temporary replacements for the behavior that are not as damaging or irritating.

For example, if your habit is nail-biting, you may want to occupy yourself in other ways like chewing gum or eating a piece of candy whenever you feel the urge to do it. Or if you crack your knuckles, it could be a good idea to find other ways to occupy your hands, like doodling or squeezing a stress ball.

4. Find ways to block your habit

It’s obvious that if find things to get in the way of your habit, it will become more difficult to engage in it. Tell someone close to your of your plans to eliminate your habit. This person will serve as someone who can keep you in check and make sure that you’re not doing what you shouldn’t be doing.

If you have a habit that involves some kind of object, put that object somewhere that you cannot get to it. Give it to a friend or lock it up and give the key to someone you can trust.

5. Punishment

Now when I say punishment, I don’t mean smacking yourself or harming yourself in any way because of the habit. One of the most simple ways to create a punishment for yourself is to put money into a jar every time you partake in bad habit behavior.

Each time you partake in the habit do something harmless that you really hate doing. Soon you’ll want to stop doing the habit behavior because you don’t want to keep putting a dollar in a jar or eating a piece of something you hate. It’s silly but effective.