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In a cultural sense, we seem to have arrived at the point where we started out from a few decades ago in terms of constructing houses for the future. In the 70’s and 80’s, moderate and affordable houses turned into disproportionate and enormous living quarters. It didn’t take long, though, that many people started to recognize that the toll that came with living in excess was substantial. These days, including environment friendly sustainable engineering and techniques into the construction of our homes has become not only acceptable but desirable or even necessary.

As a population, we have come to understand and maybe even welcome the theory that building and living in a modest, sustainable way is best for us and for generations to come. Home builders today are applying increasingly more renewable and environmentally conscious techniques to meet many home owners’ requirements. We have seen a dramatic shift in the principles of construction, and homes for future years are being constructed today with a lot of green technologies. Here are a some examples and possibilities:

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