Wave Energy

Alternative Energy

Wave energy is produced when electricity generators are placed on the surface of the ocean. The energy provided is most often used in desalination plants, power plants, and water pumps. Energy output is determined by wave height, wave speed, wavelength, and water density.

To date, there are only a handful of experimental wave generator plants in operation around the world. The articles on this page explore the world of wave energy and its possible applications.


The PowerBuoy is the wave energy device designed by Ocean Power Technologies (OPT). There are two larger scale PowerBuoys currently in development. They are known as the PB40ES and the PB150.

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Green Living – Change Your Career

Green Living

Going Green isn’t only about changing a light bulb or buying expensive products. Going Green is a way of life and has to do with our holistic approach to life. Our careful choices immediately have an impact on your health and, essentially, the health of our planet.

But don’t think that little things don’t matter! It just takes a bit of effort to go a long distance. Here you can find some tips on Green Living and How to Change your Career to make your life a little greener, too.

Are you really serious about Green Living and Going Green? Then, consider taking some big steps, what about changing your career and contributing to the development of clean energy technologies? That will help, wouldn’t it?!!

If not having the appropriate degree, don’t despair. If you don’t have a high school diploma, you can get your GED (even if you just study online) and apply for a green career, it might be something for you! Check out these free online classes for the GED on the BestGEDclasses website to learn how to do it. The GED credential is across North America recognized as equivalent to a standard high school diploma.

So nothing should be holding you back from a rewarding green career. Clean energy careers are hot, they are favorite choices of career for many students who are attracted by many well-paid and in-demand jobs. Clean energy job would make you feel good and will benefit our mother-earth.

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Shining a light on Jobs in the Solar Industry

Alternative Energy , Green Living

Work. One simple word that can make us jump for joy or bury ourselves under our comforter, refusing to get out of bed. For those of us lucky enough to work in the solar industry, we tend to rise and shine with the sun. And why wouldn’t we? We are a part of one of the fastest-growing industries and our work helps people. So let’s shine a light on jobs in the solar industry.

America is, fortunately, changing the wat it gets its energy despite Trump’s efforts for coal, but coal is losing out. During the past two decades, we’ve seen a true revolution in our residential solar systems. Creative financing options and cheap panels have resulted in a huge increase in solar energy installations and this has driven a massive employment boom.

The solar industry now employs more than 200,000 people of which are 130,000 as installers. That’s a 31% increase since 2013. In other words, the solar industry grew ten times faster than the U.S.’s total employment growth for 2016. The industry is expected to continue to grow by as much as 15.6% in 2020, according to the results in National Solar Job Census. While this news is something to cheer about, there’s a much bigger reason to “shout out for solar”. The solar industry isn’t just creating jobs; they’re creating living-wage jobs.

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Food Waste Fuels Climate Change

Green Living

In the U.S., we’ve become accustomed to excess in every form. The supermarkets overflow us with more calories than any one of us could ever need, the shopping malls with more clothes than any one of us will ever wear. But all of that goes unnoticed as we hurry about our busy lives. Who has time to try and grind the wheels of corporate consumerism to a halt?

But the problem of waste is one that will not go away unless each of us has something to do with it. Waste and loss along the road from plow to plate result in up to 40 percent of our food finding its way to the trash instead of our hungry mouths.

This issue represents tremendous expenditures of energy and water, plus dangerous and unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, the solution to this dilemma is within our grasp — simply raising awareness, spurring common sense changes in our shopping, and encouraging more efficient eating and disposal habits may one day be enough to convince our culture to shift away from such self-destructive practices of consumption.

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How about a Career as Wind Energy Technician?

Alternative Energy

Over the years, wind energy has become so popular that different regions of the world aim to implement wind-training programs from early school level to university level. It has also created new opportunities in the service sector. So how about a career as Wind Energy Technician?

Along with the growing demand for field technicians and operational maintenance or installation technicians, there are adequate opportunities in wind farms jobs. So to have a winning career in this sector it is important to have in-depth knowledge which can be gained through proper training.

To enter this sector it is fair to have prior training from an organized institute. With the increasing number of wind energy jobs, many institutes have now introduced specialized training in the wind energy sector. Aspirants can also follow a different approach by joining university labs which is popular for wind research.

Components of Good Training Programs

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Solar Power Bank – Free Residential Power

Alternative Energy , Green Living

The most important benefit of having residential solar power is that it reduces your high energy bills. Nobody likes to pay much for residential electricity. Check out also this Canadian Gabriel Parent-Leblanc video who is heating his small house with an amazing solar air heater that serves as a solar power bank. He has built this small house to prove that it is possible to live year-round in a small house, even in the harsh Canadian  northern climate:

Gabriel Parent-Leblanc heats his tiny house with an awesome solar air heater. He built his tiny house to prove it was possible to live in a tiny house year-round in a northern climate.

Most people have gotten used to paying for electrical bills as long as the cost was reasonable. In the period 970 – 2016, however, the cost of electricity has increased tremendously year after year.

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Biomass Pyramid – Balance is the Key in Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy , Green Living

Biomass is a type of renewable source that is from biological materials that are obtained from the recently living or living organisms like animal-based materials, vegetables and plants. Other materials like animal manure, slurries, straws, husks, poultry litter, trees, and agriculture can also be used to produce biomass. So when it comes to Biomass Pyramid – balance is the key in Alternative Energy!

In simpler terms, bioenergy is the fuel that is provided by recently living materials that are produced naturally such as animal fat, wood or plants. In a more complicated or scientific explanation, utilizing bacteria that are genetically modified so that it will create cellulosic ethanol can also produce Bioenergy. Oil and coal are also organic matter but they are not considered as sources for bioenergy since they were not living things in the first place.

One of the major impacts that bioenergy will have in our lives is that is can replace our existing diesel and petrol with little or no changes or modifications to the engines. Bioethanol and biodiesel are already making their names known that even some notable vehicle manufacturers are already pledging to support this discovery. Plus, with the go green movement, news about biodiesel and its positive impact on our environment have become more widespread.

There are different types of bioenergy and they can be produced in different ways and they also have different uses.

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Solar Energy Solutions

Alternative Energy , Green Living

Harnessing the sun’s energy makes sense because it is clean, green, and saves money in the long run. But the reality is that the cost involved with installing panels and collectors is still out of reach for the vast majority of homeowners. Fortunately, there are some cheap and easy ways to make the sun work for you. See these solar energy solutions, also for beginners:

Passive Solar
Passive solar means simply using or blocking the sun’s rays to heat or cool your home. This means that using your window coverings wisely can save you a ton on your power bills. Simply closing or angling your blinds to keep direct sunlight out can drop the interior temperature by 10 degrees. Try closing the window coverings on the south side of your house when you leave for the day during the summer months.

Without the sun’s hot light shining in the windows, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. And in the winter, of course, doing the opposite can help heat your house. There tons of great looking blinds, awnings, and window films to help you harness or block the sun’s powerful rays.

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Climate Change Jobs – How colleges must take on a leading role

Alternative Energy , Green Living

A still relevant report from a few years ago is urging higher education leaders not only to engage in preventing climate change but to prepare for and respond to its impact. So let’s see – when it comes to climate change jobs – how colleges must take on a leading role.

The report, “Higher Education’s Role in Adapting to a Changing Climate,” compiled by the Higher Education Climate Adaptation Committee, states that many colleges and universities have taken some steps to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

But these institutions “are having a key role to play when it comes to preparing our society to deal with the impact that climate change disruption across the globe” the report states. The discussion must shift to include prevention and adaptation, the report states, and colleges and universities have a unique opportunity to push that change.

The report recommends climate change-focused curriculum, research, risk management, and community engagement. It points out that colleges have the opportunity to serve as “hubs” in their local communities for climate change adaptation strategies.

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Green Life – How to green up your home

Green Living

So many people believe that living “green” is time-consuming and difficult. It couldn’t be farther from the truth! Just check out this post in the category Green Life – How to green up your home. By using some common send and making some simple changes, you can see improvements in energy usage, water conservation and lowering utility costs.

Saving energy can be so simple and may remind you of things your family did in generations past. Think about this: Instead of using your dryer during summer months, use the sun. There is simply nothing better than the smell of clothes dried outdoors.

By drying clothes outside, you’ll save on electricity as well as laundry chemicals and have the benefit of getting to spend time in nature. While you are thinking about sources of energy, turn off lights in rooms that have banks of windows unless you really need them. Simply shutting off lights can decrease energy usage in an amazing way.

Also, consider doing your chores later in the evening. Instead of running the washing machine or dishwasher during the day, set them to run as you go to bed. You’ll pay less for the energy and put less strain on the electrical grid system. Conserving water can also be simple. Instead of pouring half consumed glasses of water down the drain, use them to water pots of plants or pour them into your outdoor rain barrel.

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Hydrogen Generator – Use it as a gas saving device

Alternative Energy

HHO generators produce HHO gas, known as hydroxy gas. This gas is much more combustible than gasoline or diesel and when mixed with the engine’s primary source of fuel it generates a stronger explosion in the combustion chambers increasing the strength in the combustion process, meaning more efficiency. So if you want to use your Hydrogen Generator as a gas-saving device, check out this page.

There is an ongoing debate on the percentages of fuel energy efficiencies for modern engines. Some say that the engine is approximately 30% to 35% fuel efficient, the remaining 65% to 70% is fuel wastage, meaning that the fuel’s full potential is being released in the combustion process. While I’m not going deep into the subject of trying to conclude if these numbers are real or exaggerated, there is some fuel wastage, or else oxygen sensors would not be installed on modern engines which are constantly monitoring and sending data readings in volts to the PCM to rectify the fuel mixture.

How to produce “hydrogen on demand”?

Producing hydrogen, unless it is managed to be captured from the atmosphere – which proves extremely difficult, a type of hydrogen generator will be needed. One way of doing so is using water and separating its molecules. A water molecule (H20) contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. An electrolysis process can be used to separate the hydrogen atoms from the water, forming HHO (oxyhydrogen), also known as “Brown’s Gas” which was named after Professor Yull Brown’s discovery.

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American Innovation, Resolve, and Persistence Wanted

Alternative Energy

The United States faces innumerable challenges. Policy experts could write entire treatises on all of these, but clear solutions may get lost in complicated or trivial details. As the Pareto principle reminds us, 80% of our results can be achieved by focusing 20% of our efforts on the most important activities. So, what if we concentrated our labors on two pivotal problems that American resolve, innovation, and persistence can, and must, successfully tackle – transportation and energy.

Let’s start with transportation. The US transportation system of highways, bridges, tunnels, and railroads is stressed, strained, and badly in need of repairs and upgrades. 7 of the 10 most congested cities are on the East Coast and West Coast. In fact, if you travel along the I-5 or I-95 corridors, you probably think that the 3 million large trucks in the US are directly in front of you. You may wonder why we don’t repair and expand the transportation system.

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