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Climate change and Global Warming

We all are concerned about climate change and the effects we already experience. But what if Global Warming is a natural phenomenon? Many people claim that on our planet, warmer and cooler periods have occurred for as far back as we are able to determine. Periods of Global Warming have occurred some 100,000, 200,000 and 300,000 years ago, and scientific data has been obtained from proxy sources including sediment layers and rocks, ice cores, tree rings, and coral reefs. Compiling all these data allows us to determine temperatures millions of years ago.

Green Living-Things to Consider


Are you really serious about Green Living and Going Green? Then, consider taking some big steps, what about changing a career and contributing to the development of the clean energy technologies? Clean energy  careers are hot, they are favorite choices of career for many students  who are attracted by many well-paid and in-demand jobs. Clean energy job would make you feel good and will benefit our mother-earth.

Going Green isn’t only about changing a lightbulb or buying expensive products. Going Green is a way of life, and has to do with our holistic approach to life. Our careful choices immediately have an impact on your health and, essentially, the health of our planet.

But don’t think that little things don’t matter! It just takes a bit of effort to go a long distance. Here you can find some tips to make your life a little greener. too.

Why Renewable Energy Is Not Popular

What obstacles keep us from switching to renewable energy?

Stranded Cost: Across the US, we already have been paying some one trillion dollars for the infrastructure for fossil fuels. There are people who say that, if we were to switch entirely to renewable fuels, this huge investment could be ‘stranded’, unless we would find ways to include it. This is why there is opposition against switching to renewable fuels as this would create a huge economic disincentive. There are others who argue that abandoning this existing infrastructure gradually would be a lot cheaper than giving it up immediately. 

Ocean Energy

Wave energy is produced when electricity generators are placed on the surface of the ocean. The energy provided is most often used in desalination plants, power plants and water pumps. Energy output is determined by wave height, wave speed, wavelength, and water density. To date there are only a handful of experimental wave generator plants in operation around the world. The articles on this page explore the world of wave energy and its possible applications.


The PowerBuoy is the wave energy device designed by Ocean Power Technologies (OPT). There are two larger scale PowerBuoys currently in development. They are known as the PB40ES and the PB150. The PB40ES is a 40kW utility scale device that is capable of generating a sustained maximum output of 40kW.  The PB150 is the company’s first utility scale PowerBuoy with a 150kW rating. It is being made in Scotland and will be tested at the European Marine Energy Centre, Orkney. The size of the PB150 is 115ft tall by 46ft beam.

How It Works

The PowerBuoy works as the rising and falling of the waves causes it to move up and down. The resultant stroking action is converted by a power take-off to drive an electrical generator. The power that is generated is transmitted ashore via an underwater cable. The PowerBuoys generate power when the wave height is between 1.5 and 7 metres and sensors will detect waves that are too large and will shut the system down automatically.

Solar Panels for Your Home

Getting solar panels for your home can dramatically affect your electricity bill. If you are used to paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per year for your electricity bill, be prepared to pay much less. You can offset the cost of electricity or even eliminate your bill altogether through the use of solar panels. The most popular set up for solar panels is having the panels attached to the roof. This gives the panels the biggest coverage area and exposes them to the most rays of the sun.

What kind of money can you expect to save? Your average solar panel system will save you around 50 dollars per month on your electricity bill. If you get a bigger system, one that’s designed to take on the full force of your electrical needs, you can expect to eliminate your electricity bill altogether. Incredible!

Wind Turbines – What Are They and What Can They Do for You?

When you hear the words wind turbine, you probably think of gigantic structures that generate electricity for big companies. Wind turbines actually come in a variety of different sizes and types. You could use a smaller version of the huge ones in order to generate electricity for your own home or business. There are tons of different ones to choose from and depending on how much electricity you need, you may be able to find the right one for you for less than you think.